Crepes makers

10 REASONS to prefer the LUXINOX® crêpe makers
  • 230 V, 250 V and double versions in 400 V 3 PH available. Also in 115 V version available for the C25 series models.
  • • Sturdy construction for an intensive continuous rating, completely in stainless steel except the form.
  • • The form is casted in special cast iron «non-sticking». Single material for a perfect result of baking without pasting.
  • • Equipped with a solid and thick cast iron panel to assure a constant and rapid backing.
  • • The heating element is in a special construction for a constant ardency and a long economic life-time.
  • • The thermostat is in a high quality to assure a perfect heating and to avoid an overheating.
  • • A bipolar switch that disconnect the network of the product with a control lamp.
  • • An augmented form of 17 mm on the model C35, for cleaning even easier.
  • • Cable fix mounted on the device.
  • • An aesthetic and functional design.
  • • Non cooking surface on the form is painted in special food save thermal color, for high temperature. 300°C position for cleaning the fats by carbonization.
C 25 TS / C 25 NS Crêpe Maker Single ø 250 mm 650 W
C 25 TD / C 25 ND Crêpe Maker Double ø 250 mm 1300 W
C 35 TS / C 35 NS Crêpe Maker Single ø 350 mm 2200 W
C 35 TD / C 35 ND Crêpe Maker Double ø 350 mm 4400 W
C 40 TS / C 40 NS Crêpe Maker Single ø 400 mm 2400 W
C 40 TD / C 40 ND Crêpe Maker Double ø 400 mm 4800 W